Pokémon GO v0.29.0 For Android and IOS

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Pokémon GO is out for few countries like Australia, New Zealand, US and other. This unique game is booming now and come on download the file and let's go get it.
The game concept using camera to catch pokemon in reality with camera and you can battle with other pokemon. You can discover Pokemon in a whole world through your camera. You just walk somewhere and find it. For the global version is still not release, so you have to wait until it realease. 
To play this game there's another thing you have:

For Android: (Listen up!)
1. Requires for Android 4.4+ (For Android N, you can't play this until the official is release)
2. You must have a strong connection--Prepare your internet data *lol
3. Using GPS and Location Services
4. Intel CPUs aren't supported
5. Not optimizing for tablet and preferred for 1280x720 resolution

For IOS: (Read this too!)
1. This game support for iPhone 5+, below it, doesn't support
2. For IOS 8 
3. If your phone has been Jailbreak, you cannot play this game.
4. Strong connection and GPS + Location Services

Here's some picture:

That's enough, I give you the link below this.

Thank you for your attention to visit this blog, I hope you like this blog and remember, this blog is for sharing links and make everyone easier to find some app and tips. Thank you!

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