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How To Install Apps and Games iPad and iPhone via Computer? When on your iPhone or iPad there is no internet connection, the best way to fill the iPhone are games and applications via your computer or laptop. Well, if you're still a little confused, how to install games via laptop or iPhone app, following the steps in a nutshell.

First download and install iTunes on the laptop first. When finished the Install launch iTunes and make sure the internet connection on your laptop smoothly and does not slow. Click the iTunes Store in the left sidebar, then select Sign In.

Make sure you Sign In using the account / email is the same as that used in the App Store on iPad or iPhone. If a different email, then you will experience in the process of synchronizing applications and games that you download later. After successfully Sign In, enter in the App Store tab, so that you will turn up a row of apps and games available for download

Choose one of the games that you would install such as Angry Birds Friends. After entering the game Angry Birds Friends page you can directly download the game by clicking the Free button

Wait until the download is complete. Angry Birds Friends When finished downloading, now the game will be in your iTunes Library. The next step is to enter the game from iTunes to your iPhone or iPad. When iTunes is running, connect your iPhone to the laptop. Wait until iTunes detect your iPhone. Then do the Sync or Sync between iTunes and your iPhone. In the left sidebar menu on the Device select your iPhone and click on the Apps tab also, then you will see in the game Angry Birds Friends List application as below

Then do the sync by clicking the Sync menu

Wait a few moments until the synchronization process is complete. Once done, you can see the games you download through iTunes on the laptop will appear on your iPhone or iPad

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